Improving Your Tennis Serve

You’re putting in so much effort, and you’re following all the technical instruction you learned online or from on-court coaching – yet your serve doesn’t go very fast.

It feels like a lot of effort for not much of an outcome.

Something is missing. The more you try to fix your serve, the more “locked” it gets – it has less power and less consistency.

Something Is Missing…

What’s missing is knowing and feeling how your body transfers energy though the body in an effortless way

What’s missing is knowing how to use your wrist in the serve…

What’s missing is knowing how to imagine the racquet path correctly,as it is fundamentally different than the racquet path when hitting a groundstroke or a volley

Jim McLennan –

The online tennis instructional segment continues to grow, and now there are many instructors with pretty good materials on Youtube, their blog page or website, or even with actual instructional programs.

Tomaz is the rare instructor who speaks clearly, teaches in digestible bites, and when he demonstrates the strokes you can see that he is both a teacher and a player.

He knows his biomechanics, but more than anything else I see that he teaches with a method that emphasizes the progression of skills.

There are no shortcuts, and he will not give you any – but if you are looking for a qualified instructor, Tomaz should be one of your “trusted advisors.”

Let Me Help You Develop an Effortless Serve

Coach Tomaz

Hi, my name is Tomaz Mencinger, and I’ve been a professional tennis coach for almost 20 years. In this time, I’ve worked with players of all levels – from beginners to players on the ITF tour and those starting on the ATP and the WTA tours.

Even though their level of play is so different, they share one commonality: very few of them have mastered the serve – since it’s such a complex stroke to teach.

Because the serve is so complex, many things can go wrong – and, as it turns out, many things do go wrong.

Just look around the courts and you’ll see that, while the forehands and backhands are relatively similar to the forehands and backhands of the pros, the club-level serves are not even close to the serves the pros produce.

serve presentation

Presenting my serve teaching method at the Croatian Coaches Conference in Umag in February 2013

In my work with players, I have discovered that teaching technique is only part of the solution. There’s something else that needs to be taught.

Tennis serve course through trial and error – and countless hours spent on court solving the serve problems of different players – I developed a method that gives the player the missing key to unlock their serving potential: the understanding of how the serve works and the feel of how to generate effortless force.

The method of unlocking the serve works with all levels of players, and it works really fast.

I even had the opportunity to present my serve teaching system at the coaches conference in Croatia.

bayo coach

Vjeran Friščić – Bayo

ITF expert, former Croatia Fed Cup captain​

Tomaz is an institution for developing innovations in tennis teaching. I have used his website for many years as a source for practical information for mental training.

Now he turns to the methodology of teaching.

Each topic in the Serve Unlocked video course is explained in progressive, natural and practical way. Just wonderful.

I recommend Serve Unlocked video course to every coach working with players of any level because everyone will learn something new on how to teach the serve in tennis.


Serve Unlocked Video Course
Discover Your Body’s Natural Serving Potential

Serve Unlocked is a unique video course that gives you the missing key that helps you unlock your natural serving potential.

It teaches your mind how to let go of the limitations and incorrect mental images you may have about the serve.

It also teaches your body with very simple drills how to generate effortless power by using the laws of physics and movements that you already posses but haven’t yet applied to the serve.

The video course can be watched online on a PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, or any Android-based device.

All the videos are in MP4 format, and you can download high quality or lower quality (smaller size) videos to your computer, tablet, or smartphone and use the instruction right there on court.

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Here’s what’s included

Technique Section

You’ll learn the fundamentals of tennis serve technique with which you’ll build the serve from scratch and which will help you correct the most common mistakes of recreational and more serious tennis players on the serve.

You’ll learn:

The proper stance that gives you balance in all directions

How to hold the racquet properly (the Continental grip is only half of the story, you also need to place your hand properly on the handle and achieve a loose wrist)

The basic drill for learning pronation explained through two swing paths

The Power Move – the key movement of your body and hitting arm that creates racquet lag and therefore effortless power

Why you probably follow-through on the serve incorrectly and how to do it right

The key exercises to re-establish the natural flow of your body after you’ve been learning the serve technique analytically in parts.

Unlocking Your Mind Section

We’ll look at the many mental locks you might have that prevent you from really letting go and swinging freely through the ball.

You’ll learn:

How your desire to control the outcome of the serve locks the serve and what the right mindset is;

The correct learning process – you’ll see me learning the serve with my left hand and how I would work on developing the serve;

The correct mindset for 1st and 2nd serves that allows you to swing freely;

A really simple trick to unlock many of the mental locks at once – and you’ll simply use a slightly modified racquet for that drill;

And much more.

Unlocking Your Wrist Section

I’ll show you drills specifically designed to make your wrist loose again – since it’s probably not working the way it should at the moment.

You’ll learn:

  • How to transfer the feel from your natural throwing motion intot he serve and feel the power of the wrist;
  • How the pressure on your fingers changes during the serve and how this will help you accelerate the racquet head;
  • Why the index finger is so important for direction control and achieving effective pronation that adds more power;
  • How to learn to serve with a loose wrist by simply using a grocery bag;
  • And much more.

Speed vs. Strength Section

You’ll learn why hitting with “strength”, meaning with tension and power, does not achieve the fastest serve you’re capable of and why learning to accelerate the racquet effortlessly is the key to fast serves.

You’ll learn:

  • Why focusing and not spreading the energy is the key to maximum power and how to learn that with a towel;
  • How to achieve the maximum racquet head speed at contact – since most players achieve the highest racquet head speed after the contact!
  • How to develop the whip effect on the serve. In fact, you already know the whip effect – it’s simply a matter of feeling it and transferring it into the serve.
  • And much more.

Sources of Power Section

We’ll take a look at how we generate force and how we connect it through the body and send it to the racquet head.

You’ll learn:

  • How to properly use the legs for maximum leg drive and energy boost to start your serve;
  • The correct rhythm of the serve that helps you connect the backswing with the forward acceleration in the most natural way;
  • When it is your arm’s turn to work and how to feel that; How to use the power of falling into the court;
  • And much more.

The combination of unlocking your mind and your wrist and learning how to effortlessly send energy through your body will very quickly unlock your serving potential and allow you to serve with lots of power while not trying very hard.

But, we all know that even the best tennis serve technique cannot compensate for bad ball position in the air. That’s why I decided to create a bonus section where it’s all about the service toss.

In the first part, we’ll tackle the most common mistakes that cause a poor ball toss on the serve.

You’ll learn:

  • How to find the right ratio of relaxation and tension in your body while performing the toss;
  • Why working on only your tossing arm will cause inconsistent tosses and what to do about it;
  • How to correctly imagine the toss – and the difference between a throw and a release;
  • How to find the ideal ball placement;
  • And a few more.

Finally, I’ll show you how the toss has to integrate into the backswing and how to use the power
of momentum to initiate the toss with almost zero effort.



I understand that I’ll receive instant access to:

tennis serve video course


43 videos (that’s over 2.5 hours of video material) that you can watch online or download to your PC, tablet, or smartphone

($97 Value)

tennis serve toss fix


How To Correct The Most Common Tossing Mistakes

How To Effortlessly Toss In Sync With Your Backswing

How To Consistently Toss In The Right Spot & More…

($47 Value)

serve video analysis


Send me a video of your serve and I will create a side-by-side

comparison with me or a professional tennis player of your choice

and show you what are the key elements of the serve you need to work on.​ 

($47 Value)

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My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a 60-day full money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Use the full Serve Unlocked video course for 8 weeks. If you don’t significantly improve the speed and consistency of your serve, I will refund the payment immediately.

Put the video course to the test and see how it works for you.With the full money back guarantee, there’s no way you can lose.

P.S. If you really want to transform your serve from a weakness into your ally and eventually your weapon, then give
this unique course a try. I guarantee you that you’ll hear things about the serve you’ve never encountered before.

What Our Clients Say


Arturo Hernandez

Houston, TX. USA



I would say that this is perhaps the best instruction that I have ever seen on the serve ever. I spent years trying to improve my serve. I worked with coaches, looked at videos and spent countless hours recording myself.

When I began to implement the concepts you present in this course, my serve improved immediately. If someone just wants to plop the ball in the service box, then they can keep doing what they are currently doing. But if someone really wants to improve, I would recommend this course.

Your course shows people that all the answers to a great serve are inside of them. The key is simply to unlock themselves in order to let this serve emerge on its own.

I use to approach the service line with dread and angst. Now I approach it knowing that I have all I need to produce the best serve that I can every time. Thank you!!!


Charlie Ferber

London, UK


Hi, I just wanted to tell you about my eureka moment. My friend is away for 2 weeks and he let me use his private court while he is on holiday. After doing your course, I’ve spent hours by myself just doing your drills, no opponent, no pressure, no targets, no ego.

I’ve literally hit thousands of serves, the best drills being staring from service line and going back 4 times till I served from baseline. “Just Adjust” is probably the best ever tip I’ve had in 30 years of tennis.

Well, I have to say that I cannot believe how I am serving, it’s although I’m on auto pilot, no thinking, just step up to the line and let the usual ritual take over, then bang it in!!


Marian Sak



A few weeks ago, I bought access to your Serve Unlocked and I am amazed.

Compared to all the technical and overly rigid systems, your approach to teach serve is so natural and so refreshing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this serve course only for advanced tennis players or also for beginners?

ServeUnlocked video course includes a series of videos that help you build the serve technique from scratch so it’s also helpful for beginners. Advanced players will likely jump straight to more advanced topics. 

How long will it take me to improve my serve?

How long do I have the access to the course after I buy it?

Does this course work only for competitive juniors or also for adult recreational tennis players?

What if the course doesn’t work for me?

john c

John Carrizosa, USA

Dear Tomaz, I’ve been teaching for over 30 years and have worked with all levels of players. I’ve also worked with many fine teaching pros (the last 7 or 8 years I’ve worked closely with Oscar Wegner.)

Your instruction and tips are among the best and most easily understood that I have seen.

I have about 25 video’s on Youtube and have appeared with Oscar on many of his video’s, and people have given me the same compliment, but your instruction is on a different level.

Thanks for sharing your insights and knowledge of the game.

Serve Unlocked Video Course
Discover Your Body’s Natural Serving Potential

Today Just ​$97

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