Head YouTek IG Speed Elite Tennis Racket

This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Tennis Rackets department.

The Head YouTek IG Speed Elite tennis racket provides complete tour performance with greater manoeuvrability. The slightly wider 22 mm beam gives the racket even more power and solid feel to all strokes. The Head YouTek IG Speed Elite tennis racket weighs 285 g and features standard 27″ length. The new Speed IG range feature Innegra fibres, which are extremely thin and tough providing shock absorption and stability.

Key features

  • Colours: Black/White
  • Weight: 285 g (10.1 oz)
  • Beam: 22 mm
  • Head Size: 645 cm2 (100 sq. inch)
  • Balance: 330 mm (1/2” Head Light)
  • Length: 685 mm (27 in.)
  • String Pattern: 16 x 19
  • Swingstyle: L1
  • Prestrung with Head Synthetic Gut
  • Head cover not included


d3o Technology

d3o is an innovative material with abnormal behaviour characteristics. Integrated in the lay-up and located in the shaft of the racket, d3o provides new possibilities for tennis and squash players. The d3o technology senses your needs during different strokes. On high-speed impacts (aggressive shots), the molecules lock together within nanoseconds and enhance the stiffness of the frame to produce maximum power. On slow-speed impacts (slice or drop shots), the molecules absorb the impact and thus provide a softer touch. The d3o technology has been designed to make passing shots even harder and drop shots more precise.

Innegra Technology

Innegra is the world’s lightest high performance fibre, which combined with Head’s advanced carbon composite technology offers an ultra tough hybrid composite. The Innegra hybrid composite structure is used to ensure maximum shock absorption and improved stability. This novel technology reduces vibrations on ball impact by up to 17%, and thus provides unique control and precision. Additionally, the ultra tough Innegra fibre extends the performance of your racket and ensures that it will remain in the perfect condition for longer.

Teflon Technology

HEAD grommets with Teflon® polymer have been developed to reduce friction that occurs between the grommet and the string providing some degree of resistance during ball impact and contributing to energy loss. The Teflon® friction reducing polymer creates a self-lubricating effect in the base material that enables the strings to slide through the grommets with nearly no friction. A low-friction contact surface ensures that the strings can move without resistance and maintain their energy during ball impact, which results in much less energy loss and much more power. The Teflon® friction reducing polymer in the grommet system offers more even and consistent tension during the stringing process. The HEAD grommet system takes this friction away allowing a more true tension and a bigger sweetspot!