Head YouTek IG Speed MP 300

By Bruce Levine and Richard Pagliaro


Price: $225
Head Size: 100 square inches
Length: 27 inches
Weight: 10.6 oz.
Balance: 1 point headlight
Ideal Swing: Long
String Pattern: 16 mains/19 crosses
Beam Width: 20 mm
NTRP: 3.5-5.0

How It Tested: The ball came off the strings with such crisp precision that it felt like the frame had its own internal GPS system. The IG Speed MP 300 is a full 15 grams lighter than the patriarch of the IG Speed family, the IG Speed MP 18 x 20, and provides more power. The racquet was responsive to topspin, slice and flat shots and forgiving on off-center hits. Its light weight was helpful in elevating the racquet quickly on overheads.
Likes: This is a smooth frame offering both comfort and stability. Innegra, which Head touts as “the world’s lightest high-performance fiber in the industry today,” is integrated into the frame for shock absorption and improved stability. The brand’s d3o technology is designed to adapt to a variety of shots, offering stiffness or softer touch depending on the impact of the ball off the string bed. It’s a well-balanced stick that testers agreed was more maneuverable than the YouTek IG Speed Elite (which offers a wider 22-millimeter beam), the YouTek IG Speed MP 18 x 20 (Novak Djokovic’s racquet) or the YouTek IG Speed MP 16 x 19.
Dislikes: Some testers expressed concern over creating pace off of slower balls. This was apparent in players moving forward for low, slice shots. The racquet lacks a bit of heft when tested against heavier frames, though that’s not what it is designed for—for those seeking heavier options, the IG Speed Series offers the MP 18 x 20 and 16 x 19 frames, which weigh 11.1 oz., unstrung.

Bottom Line: This all-court stick is as smoothly satisfying as a sports car capable of cornering a hairpin turn with comfort and control. You can whip the racquet through the contact zone quickly and comfortably, and it performs admirably from anywhere on the court. It is ideally suited for a 3.5 to 4.5-level player, though an older 5.0 player with a longer, fluid swing would likely benefit from its comfort and maneuverability. Several testers reported this was the most responsive racquet in the YouTek IG Speed family.

TENNIS racquet advisor Bruce Levine is a former touring pro who has coached on both the men’s and women’s tours. Bruce is the general manager of Courtside Racquet Club in Lebanon, N.J., has worked as a full-time teaching pro for 30 years and lectures nationally on racquets and equipment.